Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Denzil is often asked various questions from customers and clients about himself and his shows. To make it as easy as possible for you he has put together the below frequently asked questions to help find the answers you are looking for from Denzil The Magician.

What does your show feature?

Denzil the Magician’s magic show is award-winning and he has been the preferred kids entertainer by many in Ireland. His show contains the following:

  • Amazing Magic
  • Mind-blowing illusions
  • Hilarious Comedy
  • Audience Participation
  • Fantastic Memories
  • Balloon Modelling
  • Benny the Live Rabbit
    + Much More

Visit our types of show page to explore the different options that Denzil can provide.

How long is the Show

The standard booking time is 1 hour, however if you are looking for a longer show we have several different packages to suit your needs. Just get in contact with Denzil today to get a quote for your event.

*Please note during peak months standard booking time is 45 minutes.

How much space do you need?

The Denzil the Magician magic show is designed to be flexible to fit any room or stage. The show can turn your front living room into a magical theatre or we can put on a show to perform on a large stage, there is no room, area or venue to big or two small.

When thinking of space for a show please keep in mind the audience, the minimum area needed is 2 meters x 2 meters, however space will also be needed for the audience of the show. To get an idea of the setup please visit the gallery to view previous shows that Denzil the Magician has put on.

Can my child be a star of the show?

Yes, Denzil the Magician’s show is designed around crowd participation so not only does the birthday child get to star in the show but so do other kids in the audience. Along with having a role in the magic show at the end of their trick or at the end of the performance all participants will receive a special gift.

Book Denzil the Magician now to make an unforgettable magical experience for your kids party

What ages do you cater for?

The Magic show is for all ages from 1 to 101, there is no age group that Denzil the Magician doesn’t cater for. The show has been tried and tested over the last 30 years and each performance is tailored specifically to the age group in the audience.

It will keep children, as well as adults entertained and speechless! You can sit down and relax, while Denzil entertains all the kids and adults at your event!

How many people can watch the show?

There is no limit on the number of kids invited to the magic show. Denzil the Magician does not charge per head, so by all means invite the class, relations and the neighbours everyone is welcome to join the magical experience!

Can I take photos/video of the show?

Yes, snap all the photos and videos you like of the show. Make sure to share them on social media and tag Denzil The Magician for all of your friends and family to enjoy.

How much do you charge?

So Denzil the Magician is Ireland’s Number 1 kids entertainer so everyone presumes he is also the most expensive? WRONG! The good news is Denzil the Magician is extremely affordable and pretty much charges the same as his competitors.

Denzil the Magician has packages to suit all budgets and occasions, with kids entertainment packages starting from as little as €99. Get in contact with Denzil the Magician now to get a FREE Quote.

How soon do I have to book?

As Denzil The Magician is one of the busiest kids entertainer in Dublin it is advised to book well in advanced of the event that you are planning to avoid disappointment. During peak times of the year like Communion or Confirmation season, Christmas, Halloween and other times of the year Denzil can be booked up quickly so it is advised to book early.

Get in contact now with Denzil The Magician to book in and add a magical experience to your party that is not to be forgotten.

How do I pay?

Payments can be made on the day of the event. However for some bookings or during peak season a small deposit may be required at the time of booking with the remaining balance paid on the day.

If there is a question that Denzil the Magician hasn’t answered in the drop downs above but you would like to find out the answer, we would love for you to get in contact by clicking the button below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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